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with a history and a heritage to be proud of

Welcome to Cow Wreck, a luscious blend of milk chocolate, which gives way to a rich body of smooth peanut butter, chocolate cherry, orange vanilla, or double expresso coffee creams enveloped in a strong, yet subtle, creamy alcohol finish. Delicious, smooth, and oh-so-versatile, Cow Wreck can be enjoyed over ice, in a shot, in coffee, and in cocktails.

small batch kentucky bourbon whisky

Available in four delicious flavors of Chocolate Peanut Butter Cream, Chocolate Cherry Cream, Vanilla Orange Cream, and Double Expresso Coffee Cream.

about bull and bear

“The star of the show is the Cow Wreck Cream. Holy Cow! just pure hedonistic pleasure so smooth and delicious. You have been warned“. Cow Wreck Cream is handcrafted, and proudly produced and bottled in Kansas - home to the third largest number of cattle on ranches to remind you of tastes you have been experiencing your whole life. A perfect marriage of rich delicious cream with an incredible taste, and smooth aroma of chocolate peanut butter, chocolate cherry, vanilla orange, or double expresso coffee to ensure a perfect flavorful experience and satisfying even the most demanding sweet tooth.

bull and bear available in 4 incredible flavors

Crafted with premium alcohol and real American milk to deliver a smooth, cream taste. Available in four delicious easy to drink flavors, Cow Wreck will become an absolute favorite when it comes to cocktails or deserts or those special occasions.

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bull and bear

Every single Cow Wreck bottle is proudly produced in our distillery in Kansas. Decades of experience ensure the highest quality through a unique production process.

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bull and bear packaging and craftmanskip

Cow Wreck is characterized by its vibrant colors and overall branding. Truly ‘’Moo….tiful’’ comes to mind. Produced to the highest standard through our production process, and with years of expertise, creativity, and passion from our Master Distiller, production, and design team, we are proud of the craftmanship that goes into every single bottle of Cow Wreck..

bull and bear packaging and craftmanship

Who didn’t grow up loving milkshakes and ice cream as a child, and drinking Cow Wreck just brings back so many memories and reminds us why we love a great cocktail?

Have you tried Cow Wreck blended with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and served with whipped cream to create your very own “adult sundae” – Yum!

your indulgence.

Cowshake is an innovative and exciting offering developed for those who like to indulge, and isa luxurious product to be enjoyed as one of life’s great pleasures either with friends or as a treat for yourself.

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